At ArmHug we believe in getting blood draws done twice as fast, cost-effectively using high quality medical supplies

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Let's do a blood draw together

We were tired of spending hours ordering  supplies for our budget. Stressing about small supply closet space, worried about multiple, shipments, spending time sorting supplies.

So we built ArmHug and now we focus on  scheduling more patients!

Finding blood draw supplies can be 


 5 minute blood draws!

5 minutes


15 minutes

ArmHug Starter Kits improve the employee experience for students, research labs and mobile home care

How it works 

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Step 1 : choose blood draw supplies 

Step 2 : ArmHug will pack it for convenience

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Step 3 : grab and go!

The ArmHug Starter Kit can save you up to $300 on the average monthly supply bill

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Did you know? 

86% of blood specimen medical supplies will end up in the landfill. At ArmHug we are on a mission to help reduce hospital and clinic landfill.


Traveling phlebotomists

"The box is the perfect size for the patient to lay their arm"

- D.D.

Phlebotomy students

"I have to have this, I'm going to college in the fall for phlebotomy!" - L.F.


"I have been looking for something like this, you made this easy for me!" - A.H.