Meet Jenny RN 1/11

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Where to start...Jenny is your typical nurse running around the grim hospital floor. She is a master at solo dancing from patient room to patient room to patient room....

Jenny RN disclosed to me the other day how her day was full of chaos once again."They may be short staffed here but I am not giving up as my patients deserve better - I am doing everything I can" she said with great urgency.

She stuffs the Lays chips bag into her front pocket, crushing them and wiping the crumbs from her face with her sleeves careful not get any on her stubby hands. She jets over to the patient room and I stand there quietly trying to be invisible and non-disruptive. Another crash cart rolls in about 10 feet away from me. I hold my breath with anxiety watching the old man catch my gaze. Maybe if I stand still he will not motion to me for help, after all I am just a reporter I thought to myself. I was right. His eyes closed and he looked tired but what he didn't know was he was 6th in line. Only 9 nurses on this floor and I would say there were about 20 patients circulating the floor and more to come. It's only 9am.

The one thing I learned about Nursing and Jenny RN so far is...

What we do everyday will never be enough.

I wanted to share their stories and tell them it's going to be ok because change is coming, right? I doubted myself sometimes.

I saw with a flash Jenny slide over to the next room with a box of blood supplies. She dropped something though, it may have been important I thought. I went back to my notebook and started writing. Today was day 305. I have been counting how many times I have seen nurses in distress at the hospital and it's not getting any better. I was annoyed.

If only there was more I can do or maybe if I could bring help, last weeks horror story really pushed things to the edge when Jenny mentioned two residents were juggling whether to put the needle in the patient first or look for the vein. The chances of missing a vein were vast but what shocked us is they wanted to gamble on a 10 year old patient.

Time is what they were looking for...they were pressed against time.

Unfortunately, this is not news in Healthcare we are walking a fine line between right and wrong. I will continue to tell your stories Jenny because change is coming, I don't know the future but it starts by telling the same story over and over and over again - until it sinks in.

Written by: Hennesys Disla | Founder of ArmHug

This is based on true events and all the names of the healthcare personnel have been changed for their protection. Subscribe below for more stories and tell us what you think.

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